About Puredia

We, Puredia, are very excited to launch our Brand called Tibetrition for our Finished Products. Tibetrition is the new generation of nutritional dietary supplementation made with natural ingredients from the Tibetan Plateau. Through sustainable and innovative scientific research, we offer Tibetan superfood products (+190 bioactive nutrients)  as a new choice for healthy living to enhance daily life. 

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, with its production facilities located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Puredia integrates the ingredients found from the pure sources with innovative research and development and advanced manufacturing technologies to produce a series of healthcare ingredients and finished products. Upholding the believe of “Amazing Qinghai-Tibet, Loving Seaberry.”Puredia aspires to improve the overall quality of people's lives while maintaining a harmonious relationship between man and nature. To spread our believe to the world, we have created a series of innovative, internationally certified and socially responsible organic healthcare products. In order to bring the best product to our customers, we have strictly controlled every part of the supply chain of SeaBerry (also known as Sea Buckthorn), from sourcing to the finished products.


Puredia's 23,000 Acres internationally organic certified Global SeaBery Valley

In China, a fifth of the SeaBerry farms is located in Qinghai Province. Among them, Puredia's Global SeaBerry Valley possesses 23,000 acres of internationally certified organic wild SeaBerry farms, which is located on the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Attracted by the strong nutritional profile of SeaBerry found in these extreme-temperature, high-altitude regions (more than 3,000 meters above the sea level), we have continuously explored and investigated the active ingredients in SeaBerry. Based on our discoveries, we have used our advanced technologies to capture the essence of SeaBerry and developed a series of innovative, effective and easy-to-use healthcare products.


Innovative and Professional with Quality Guarantee

Puredia developed several independent production lines for different featured plants in Tibet Plateau, such as SeaBerry and Goji. These cover the extraction of active ingredients and production of beverages, supplements and our latest nutritional dietary supplements.


As we aspire to bring the best healthcare products to the world, we have closely collaborated with experts from leading universities and renowned research institutes around the world to develop our healthcare products. Moreover, we have strictly controlled every step of the manufacturing processes to ensure that our products will meet the international standard. Benefited from our novel scientific research, innovative product design and meticulous market analysis, our products have been successfully sold to more than 30 countries in the world.


“Innovative research and development, large-scale production and global markets” are the main trends of this era. Balancing between these trends and our core values (Unification, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation), Puredia strives to utilise our gifted natural resources for effective and sustainable applications. In Puredia, we are committed to becoming the world's leading SeaBerry manufacturer.

Puredia Seaberry
Puredia 袁木榮先生

Profile of the Founder

Our company founder, Dr Muk Wing Yuen, was a medical doctor in Hong Kong. When he saw many cases of affliction caused by diseases, he started to think that human health should be built up from the root. Hence, this believes inspired him to resolutely give up his occupation as a medical doctor and gradually start up this company, Puredia.


  "Seeing the huge ecological and economic value of SeaBerry, my team and I travelled thousands of miles from Hong Kong to Qinghai to establish Puredia. Our dream is to transform SeaBerry, the king of the plants on the Third Pole, into healthcare products that can be enjoyed by everyone in the world. We hope our Tibetan SeaBerry can become the symbol of the new generation superfoods!"  

Dr. Yuen Muk Wing

CEO of Puredia



Commitment and Enthusiasm

After dedicating himself to the SeaBerry industry, Dr Yuen has been busy travelling between Hong Kong and Qinghai. Although the cultural differences between the two areas bring numerous challenges, the natural resources in Qinghai pose enormous potentials in both product and corporate developments.



"23,000 acres of wild SeaBerry farms in Qinghai, Tibet are our advantages in this industry. Our products are sold in over 30 countries and I can see that Puredia will further develop and become a global leader in the SeaBerry industry in the future."


Dr. Yuen Muk Wing

CEO of Puredia



Dr Yuen leads his R&D team to collaborate with experienced experts in Qinghai, Hong Kong and abroad to continuously strengthen our product lines. With our determined spirit and rigorous efforts, we have successfully developed our series of SeaBerry tea, SeaBerry essence juice and various kinds of SeaBerry extracts, as known as the brand Tibetrition.

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